Day 2 – Believing in yourself  …How can I help others be more confident?…

When I was younger people would always make me feel like I wasn’t that smart, but yet no one believed in my powers of confidence. All they needed was a bit of faith, yet even if they didn’t have it, I did! Believing in yourself is not easy, you need to be brave and confident, show strength which no one else might see. You go through falls but there are always Pick me ups when you BELIEVE. Sometimes, you see no light at the end of the tunnel but there is light it just takes time for everyone to find there brightness. How do people believe in themselves, especially when sometimes you just keep failing or falling over every time you try. Well, DON’T STOP is the answer KEEP GOING, you can fall over only so many times till you find that right path, sometimes all you need is a little encouragement and if you don’t have this, that’s when you have your inner strength. If you have any question, come on I’m always here if no one else is?

Through life many go through so much, but most important is never to stop believing, things will always be ok in the end.

School Bullies and those Victims…

 A lot of kids and teenagers lose belief when they go through exams and fail tests, but remember a fail will only push you further and make you work harder. School is not easy, you actually feel sorry for kids but everyone has to go through the process. You get up, get to school, have friends and learn, what could be so hard? Well, not everyone has it so simple, sometimes there are kids who get bullied and some who don’t have friends. These are mainly the kids who are less confident and brave than others, while as these kids are smart they just don’t know it yet. If you are one of these kids, well don’t be Sad and feel down, speak up and be proud. Might seem hard now but you don’t have to speak loud, you can write to me or talk confidently to someone close, you have a bright future ahead, just look up and believe in yourself, it might seem hard now but will come through in no time. Before you know it, you’ll have more of a future then the kids who bullied. And the kids who bullied will just about be learning to grow up and start believing in themselves to not have to bully others. You know most kids who bully are doing this to build their confidence and Ego, but yet do they realise that confidence isn’t built this way, sooner or later their Ego will always be down to the ground when they don’t get far in life. It’s said to say this is not the way to boost confidence at all, Bullying is for sad characters who live their life’s from watching how others pursue them rather than seeing what they are about, they don’t have much belief in themselves so they find a way to make them feel better, yet do they realise it’s a short term process. All the bullies out there just remember, try to gain friends and imagine you were in the other persons situation, how would you feel? Why do you want to hurt someone, while as you can all believe in good together and achieve something in school to have a better life. Never know that person you are bullying might grow up to be someone famous and gain so much ambition from your bullying that you are later on watching them in life regretting all the bullying. What do you achieve from bullying someone? Remember, the person you are bullying is becoming stronger and stronger mentally, which is helping them be more confident in life. Victims of bullying, don’t be alone through this, sometimes you probably don’t want to go school, or learn as you are feeling insecure, but remember be strong and brave, be confidence and have faith in yourself. You’ll gain everything in life, no matter alone or with people concentrate on you, you’re not a bad person, you’re normal and smart. There are few things you could try to help you, blocking bad negative vibes out, ignoring comments which are inconsiderate and inappropriate, learning to walk away/being brave enough to walk with confidence. A bully will never want to see this can be done, one step which might go further is abusive physical bullying, don’t be afraid or scared, no one can find out you have made a complaint if you do this confidently with teachers and also make an adult aware of the situation don’t live daily in fright. Sometimes to avoid further bullying best for teachers to indirectly act without making the bully aware the victim has processed a complaint. Believe in yourself, the future is yours when you gain that confidence you might not think you have, talk to me? Write a comment below and I’ll be happy to reply giving advise and sharing my stories…

Exams to Graduation Day…How it all started…

Born July 1988, crawling to walking, to learning how to read and write. Now, it’s a continuous learning game, and this is how…

Through school, you learn a lot, you go through ups and downs with studying. However, at the same time I was very social and had many different types of friend, from naughty to good, from mischievous to sensible, and I used to get influenced by my surrounding easily. One day my dad advised me that friend will be there but your future is only achievable alone and your friends will not be sitting exams or helping you get through life, they will be there to have fun with and enjoyment, sad and good times. Gradually, I learnt this was very true and knuckled down on my studies.  From school to University to now working, it’s continuous achievements and progression yet.

I’ve got two elder siblings so it was about watching them grow up and achieve well which encouraged me, as well as this my father was very encouraging and he gave the best advice. When you see your parents go through hard work and doing everything they can to make our lives happy, this is when you know it’s time to be confident and believe in yourself. If your parents can do it with nothing, and you’re getting all the support it’s time to work hard. My dad would wake me up to study some days at 4am it wasn’t an easy run, it took a lot of study, revision and hard graft to get where I am today. After a few times of being woken up before school to read, by the time I was in university I saw this for myself, continued having my social life and being a social butterfly I progressed to where I wanted in university, making the right friends is what helped along the way. I believed I could and I did. University wasn’t all fun and games, as some people say, you have to work hard to get the best grades, always remembering fun times can come and go but exams happen once. I remember 1st year university I was out mostly all the time, passed all my exams however not to the greatest I could have, when it came to 2nd/3rd year there was no messing around, we would go out for the wildest nights and stroll in at 5am straight to a lecture room and be straight back in to the library during the day. And it wasn’t just the “Geeks” as they call them in the library it was all of us! Just remember it doesn’t mean you’re a “geek ”to go Library, it just means you have ambitions to go places in life and achieve well. “Geeks” are cool! Anyone who is starting university my advice would be to you all , have fun in your 1styear and throughout, but never forget the end goal why you’re there, paying 9k annually is not easy, so make it worth it. If you work hard it will pay off, after university you will realise those friends do last forever but your career will not be guided by them. If you feel you need more time to study then others, take it, don’t stop. Your friends will always be there, obviously I know first year is ideally the most important to make good friends and build a good relationship, once this is done influence each other in the right way and work hard together. Passing Exams is the best feeling EVER, when you know you’ve worked hard walking into an exam you should feel confident, don’t worry about nerves as everyone gets nervous and belly rumbles. Make sure you have plenty water before exams and eat, also use the toilets last thing you want to be doing is stuck in the gents/ladies while that’s quality exams time. Don’t cram notes in 5mins before your exams as usually this makes you blank and you end up forgetting everything you had learnt before. Sometimes this does work for people however always best to prepare beforehand.  Say you can do it and you will be able to do what you want. I found my revision technique which helped me pass exams, a lot of the time it’s practise which makes perfect. But at the same time it takes revision and knowing all the readings/data before going to exams. Charts/Diagrams and re-writing helps to remember notes better. University, it’s always been practise as a lot of the time questions are similar or the same in some cases. So always go through past paper. Once I completed University, there were no regrets and happily I could pay off my loan. Believing in myself got me to where I am now, after graduating I found a job in the local HnM store and literally I walked in and they were like we are employing but we need an interview, before that even I spoke to one of the managers on the phone, he employed me straight away on the phone without an interview, my luck had struck. However, two weeks in a retail store this was not for me, I ended up looking for another job, luckily again I got a job a Coutts & Co – Private banking. This was an interesting first job, learning about systems, and seeing all celebrity accounts. I worked there for a year and half before I was told there is no progression from the role I was in, which then I found Man Investments, again through luck and one interview, I joined Man as a Temp Employer. However, shortly after 3 months I was employed as a permanent staff and now I’ve been here 7 years worked through many processes within the same team. My confidence exhaled and I was able to achieve more and more by working hard, believing in myself was the key through my years, it wasn’t easy but working hard and by never looking back always forward is how I’ve learnt to progress. Tips for this would be, have faith in yourself and belief that you can achieve what you want. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but you will only know what you can achieve when you try and go for it…


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